In today’s fast-paced digital age, the ability to conduct seamless and efficient meetings is crucial for organizations worldwide.

Ince’s voting platform stands at the forefront of this transformation, providing innovative solutions that cater to diverse needs and ensure inclusivity.

With features such as real-time translations, flexible voting options, and robust audit trails, it is revolutionizing how companies conduct their Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and other significant gatherings. Graeme Stratton, the manager of iProxy & Virtual AGM platform within Ince, shares insights into the latest client projects highlighting the platform’s capabilities and the value it brings to organizations

? MTN Zakhele Futhu (RF) Limited: A fully integrated online platform

MTN Zakhele Futhu�s AGM was a showcase of the platform’s capabilities, featuring an integrated online platform with a USSD voting option. This project demonstrated how the platform can cater to diverse needs and ensure inclusivity.

  • Proxy voting period: Prior to the AGM, a prescribed voting period was established, allowing shareholders to cast their votes in advance.
  • Live voting: On the day of the AGM, live voting was facilitated through the platform, ensuring real-time participation.
  • Zoom webinar: The meeting was fully virtual, with a Zoom webinar embedded in the platform, providing a seamless experience for attendees.
  • Real-time translation: To cater to a multilingual audience, real-time translations were provided in English, Sesotho, and Zulu.
  • Communication campaign: A three-part communication campaign was implemented to keep members informed. This included notices about the AGM, reminders when voting opened, and final reminders to vote.

Graeme emphasized the importance of inclusivity in digital platforms: �The real-time translation feature is crucial for engaging a diverse audience. By providing translations in Sesotho and Zulu, we ensured that all participants could fully engage with the content and proceedings.�

? The Professional Provident Trust: Comprehensive proxy voting and audit assurance

The Professional Provident Trust�s AGM highlighted the platform’s robust voting verification and audit capabilities. This project involved capturing manual proxy forms and ensuring all votes were verified and signed off by external auditors.

  • Proxy voting: Administrators captured proxy forms via impersonation during the proxy voting period before the AGM.
  • Audit verification: PPS�s external auditors, KPMG, verified and signed off all votes, ensuring transparency and credibility.
  • Voting flexibility: The platform allowed prescribed, discretionary, and combination proxy voting.
  • Live webcast: The AGM featured a Corpcam live webcast with live speakers, PowerPoint presentations, video inserts, and a live guest appearance.
  • Live Q&A: Attendees could engage through a live text-based Q&A session.
  • Live voting: Voting was also conducted live on the day of the AGM.
  • Communication campaign: Members were informed about the AGM notice and voting periods through a strategic communication campaign.

“The success of The Professional Provident Trust�s AGM highlights the reliability and efficiency of our platform in managing complex voting processes and ensuring audit integrity. It’s versatility allows us to cater to various organizational needs, providing a seamless experience for all participants.”

? SAB Zenzele Kabili Holdings (RF) Limited: Versatile voting options

For SAB Zenzele Kabili Holdings, we provided an integrated online platform with versatile voting options, including USSD and WhatsApp.

  • Proxy voting period: Similar to other projects, a prescribed proxy voting period was established before the AGM.
  • Live voting: On the day of the AGM, live voting was enabled, ensuring real-time decision-making.
  • Zoom webinar: The fully virtual meeting was conducted via an embedded Zoom webinar.
  • Communication campaign: A three-part communication campaign was executed, ensuring members were aware of the AGM notice, voting opening, and vote reminders.

“The ability to use USSD and WhatsApp for voting was a game-changer for SAB Zenzele Kabili Holdings. It provided shareholders with multiple convenient options to cast their votes, thereby increasing participation and engagement.”

? Automobile Association South Africa NPC: Pre-AGM voting platform

The project for the Automobile Association South Africa NPC focused on pre-AGM voting, providing a streamlined process for their in-person event.

  • Proxy voting period: A prescribed voting period was established before the AGM, allowing members to vote in advance.
  • In-person event: The platform was not used on the day of the AGM, as it was an in-person event only.

Graeme highlighted the platform’s flexibility, stating, “For the Automobile Association South Africa, our platform’s ability to handle pre-AGM voting efficiently meant that all votes were securely recorded before the in-person event, simplifying the process for everyone involved.”

Enhancing engagement and efficiency

Each of these projects underscores the flexibility and comprehensive nature of Ince’s platform, adapting to the unique needs of various clients. By integrating features such as real-time translations, flexible voting options, and robust audit trails, it ensures that organizations can conduct their AGMs efficiently and inclusively.

�Our goal is to provide a seamless, inclusive, and efficient voting experience for all participants. These projects highlight how our platform can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that their meetings are conducted smoothly and effectively.�

Looking ahead

As Ince continues to refine and enhance its offerings, clients can expect even more innovative features and seamless experiences. The success of these recent projects is a testament to our platform’s capability to provide reliable, secure, and user-friendly platforms for corporate governance and shareholder engagement.