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Taking proxy voting and elective events onto a digital platform

Corporate actions have traditionally involved a high amount of administration for any company needing to communicate elective events and proxy voting. Standard Bank engaged with Ince to address the South African market’s need to produce a solution to automatically processing the problem and resulted in the Ince Corporate Actions platform being developed, specifically around their Online Share Trading (OST) platform

Through Ince and MarbleTech’s combined expertise in the preparation, presentation and management of a wide variety of corporate actions, iCA offered a compelling value proposition for Standard Bank to engage their stakeholders in the elections & voting process, while significantly reducing the inherent risks of large scale, frequent corporate actions processing.

Standard Bank clients interact through the bank’s OST which presents details on available meetings and corporate action events requiring their attention. The OST triggers on screen notifications when events are available for clients to vote or make elections and allows for a holistic view of the event and results in real time for the Bank.

The entire solution removes the highly administrative burden that previously existed, allowing Standard Bank to bring their requirements for corporate actions in to a truly digital solution for their clients.


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