Ince Shareholder Analytics

The actual identities of a company’s shareholders are often concealed behind large nominee companies and multifaceted financial arrangements which disguise who the ultimate financial advisors and beneficial owners are.

Ince Shareholder Analytics helps entities analyse the share registers and market data of listed companies for various reasons which include:

  • investor relations purposes, and
  • regulatory and compliance requirements

We prepare a wide range of reports which are designed to meet your specific business requirements.

What sets us apart is our BEE Maximisation report, which uses different methodologies aimed at exploring all the allowable measurement approaches to determine the methodology which results in the most favourable outcome for the company.

From an Investor Relations perspective it is important to define who your target market is so that whenever you’re communicating with the market, you understand exactly who you’re communicating with.

By making use of our own proprietary software, we apply numerous data mining, augmentation and enhancement techniques to extract information from share registers. We overlay other pertinent data and furnish companies with relevant and reliable shareholder information.

What We Do:

  • Market-leading share register analysis
  • Provide the foundation of effective investor relations
  • Tailored reports with actionable intelligence
  • Made superior by BEE Maximisation and Ownership reports


Ince Shareholder Analytics was formed through a joint venture between Ince (Pty) Ltd and a group of individuals headed by Sol Bhorat, who have a combined experience of over 35 years in the analysis of share registers of JSE-listed. They have analysed more than 300 company registers since 2004.

Ince Shareholder Analytics is a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor and is recognised as an EME company.

Knowledge is power. Find out more about your company using Ince Shareholder Analytics.


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