The latest updates from the Ince team

Decoding Integrated Reporting with Linda Buchler

We sat down with Linda Buchler, who is the Divisional Joint Managing Director: Agency at Ince (Pty) Ltd and got her thoughts on integrated reporting in South Africa. With over 18 years exposure in the corporate communications landscape, she reveals some illuminating perspectives on the challenges faced by organisations as they prepare and distribute their…

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What is the difference between iXBRL and XBRL?

With the technical roll out of the XBRL programme by CIPC fast approaching on 1 July, 2018, there has been some confusion in the market place around the terminology which is sometimes used interchangeably. A common question we receive at Ince is “What is the difference between iXBRL and XBRL?” Thankfully, our resident expert on…

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Stay Woke: Making Sense of Shareholder Activism

The irrepressible former French statesman and relic of all things revolutionary, Napoleon Bonaparte, once uttered, “power is my mistress. I have worked too hard at her conquest to allow anyone to take her away from me”. His brazen meditation on the addictive and possessive relationship that those in power have with power itself has some…

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The Semantics of Stakeholder Communications

A consortium of Maserati-wielding property developers is funding the construction of a new multi-storey shopping complex in a working-class suburb of central Johannesburg. Large retail chains are salivating at the prospect of opening their swanky boutiques and artisanal coffee shops while property-prices are set to soar as the area becomes desirable to investors. The allure…

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Ince on the cutting edge of iXBRL

Ince attended a CIPC workshop held on 26 March 2018, where all CIPC approved XBRL Software Service Providers (SSP), and CIPC’s appointed taxonomy service provider BR-AG, reviewed all aspects of the current taxonomy model. BR-AG and CIPC confirmed that excluding any functionality changes that might arise from current testing, no further changes to the taxonomy…

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Integrated Reporting – A process and product worth rethinking

Rethink Results, Think Value! Organisations do not exist in isolation from society and the greater environment. They are completely interconnected and rely on one another for long-lasting prosperity. It is within this context that organisations and investors have had to revaluate the way in which they assess organisational value and the long-term viability of a…

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