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South Africa Ranked World Best in Integrated Reporting

By Neo Khanyile South Africa doesn’t usually have the greatest reputation; the country has some of the world’s highest crime statistics, a low GDP growth rate and is teetering on the brink of recession. However, some of our national sports teams, like the Springbok rugby team and the Proteas cricket team have outstanding track records….

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Responsible Investing in South Africa: A Case of Two Worlds

By Selabe Kute Nestled along the easternmost extension of the Austrian Alps, Vienna sprawls into the distance with shed roofs, simple trusses and vertical posts engulfing the architecturally-distinct central European city. Lauded for its worlds-best quality of life, the city is the central nervous system of the Austrian economy, which is among the 14 richest…

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The Changing Conception of Organisational Health

Some thirty years ago, evaluating the value of an organisation was largely down to the amount of physical assets it owned and the tangible, monetary returns it could provide its shareholders. Naturally, auditing and accounting practices were considered the bedrock for validating and truly measuring how “healthy” an organisation is. Thirty years ago. However, gone…

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Painting the Whole Picture – Highlighting the Importance of Non-Financial Performance Indicators

It has become common place to evaluate an organisation based on its ability to generate soaring revenues, profits and shareholder dividends. In today’s free market era, the language of capital accumulation has become synonymous with that of success and progress. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that financial performance indicators have historically been given…

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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Tackling the Challenges of Implementation

Roughly three years ago, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a protracted process that aimed at evolving the previously touted Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The General Assembly made a unifying commitment to 17 goals (with 169 targets) that broadly aim to reduce poverty. “Eradicating poverty in all…

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The Trust Economy: Corporate Reporting’s New Frontier

The scene was brimming with smiles and protruding chests, as the figurative confetti of integrating reporting grandeur showered down on Nedbank Group Ltd. The 2018 Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards hosted by EY saw the banking group hoist the top award for its Integrated Report, beating out reporting heavyweights Redefine Properties Ltd and Kumba Iron…

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Decoding Integrated Reporting with Linda Buchler

We sat down with Linda Buchler, who is the Divisional Joint Managing Director: Agency at Ince (Pty) Ltd and got her thoughts on integrated reporting in South Africa. With over 18 years exposure in the corporate communications landscape, she reveals some illuminating perspectives on the challenges faced by organisations as they prepare and distribute their…

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What is the difference between iXBRL and XBRL?

With the technical roll out of the XBRL programme by CIPC fast approaching on 1 July, 2018, there has been some confusion in the market place around the terminology which is sometimes used interchangeably. A common question we receive at Ince is “What is the difference between iXBRL and XBRL?” Thankfully, our resident expert on…

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Stay Woke: Making Sense of Shareholder Activism

The irrepressible former French statesman and relic of all things revolutionary, Napoleon Bonaparte, once uttered, “power is my mistress. I have worked too hard at her conquest to allow anyone to take her away from me”. His brazen meditation on the addictive and possessive relationship that those in power have with power itself has some…

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