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Business Unusual: What COVID-19 means for businesses and how they operate

2020 has been off to an interesting start, to say the least. The spreading of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a disruption that no business or individual could have predicted. Fortunately, Ince has been awaiting a shift into the use of digital tools to foster and enhance communications between entities and their various stakeholders.

Essentially companies and customers are being forced to explore new ways to do business, and ironically, they may discover that these options are better. In many cases, this means making better use of technology that has already been available for some time.

It is true that economic activity hasn’t stopped completely, even in those countries where citizens have been forced to stay indoors. Many people are still able to work from home, and goods and services are being delivered in new ways, often using the internet.

This will also extend to other areas in business like secure sharing of information electronically or making use of online conferencing because people can’t travel to meetings. The spread of COVID-19 is also forcing people to use technology more fully. This could lead to both cost-savings and reducing a company’s carbon footprint by limiting air travel.

No playbook

The world will never be the same again as we now embrace digital technology that has been around, but not fully utilised because there has been no need to change. Now with Social Distancing in place, and a lockdown being enforced, all of us are being forced to work in a different way; adopting digital technology and using it. Businesses and people will begin to form new habits, consume more content online, buy more online, watch more movies online, etc. The way in which we have worked is changing as we navigate these exceptional times.

At the same time, this is a crisis without a clear playbook, timely information has never been more important to investors than it is right now.  Shareholders want to hear from the companies they have invested in, in these uncertain times.

Ince has always been pioneering and innovative when it comes to providing solutions that will advance the investor marketing and communications industry.

At Ince, we are in the privileged position that we are on the front foot with the digital platform we have invested in over the years. Businesses and industry have not made full use of these digital platforms, tools and solutions and the time is now. Although these are exceptional times, they are also exciting times.

Chat to us today, to find out how we can help you take your investor communications into the digital space with our suite of innovative solutions.


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