Key business drivers

Experience Ince through these brand values:

Proven: With our legacy of strong family values, we believe in a strong work ethic and confidentiality, and are transparent and accountable.

Performance: We believe in consistent delivery, quality and value, and are passionate and committed.

Partnership: We believe in true customer service and have a partnership philosophy.

Progressive: We believe in finding new and better ways, valuing innovation and open-minded creativity.

We are a customer focused business in every sense. We tailor our communication solutions around our clients’ needs, helping them maximise their brand reputation while minimising their risk.

Due to our solid experience and robust quality management system, we deliver quality services on time, every time with complete customer satisfaction.

We own state of the art production facilities which enable us to retain complete control over all processes.  In addition, we have several innovative software solutions which enable us to constantly improve efficiencies in our service delivery and allow us to recommend the most appropriate and cost effective output for our clients’ messages.


The old-fashioned family values instilled in our organisation in the early part of the last century, together with the pioneering spirit of our earliest clients, have helped us to remain on a steady growth path in a landscape that is constantly presenting us with new challenges and opportunities. Through a process of continuous evolution, we have successfully grown from being “Ince the Printer” to “Ince, delivering Corporate Communications” and now to “Ince, an Integrated Communications Agency”, delivering an end-to-end communication solution that best fits any client’s strategy, key objectives and budget.

The new face of Ince

It represents passion, energy, tenacity, spirit and strength.

After extensive brand and market research, a vibrant new corporate identity emerges which reflects the essence of Ince.

Inspiration, perseverance and resilience are all qualities of the Explorer brand archetype. For Explorer brands like Ince, it’s all about finding paths which are there but undiscovered, bringing new things to the table, not following the trend, and helping people action their dreams.

Over the past 10 years, Ince has made many journeys into uncharted territory, launching new offerings such as motiv, iProxy, and lately, 1:1 Relationship Marketing. With more journeys to come, the inspiration behind our new logo is definitely appropriate: the sun breaking over the horizon.

When birds fly together, they can fly 70% further than they could if they were flying solo using the same amount of energy. That’s the power of working together, everyone pulling in one direction to achieve one goal.

It’s what is known at Ince as the Power of One. For Ince, this means harnessing all the strengths of its divisions to meet the communications needs of its clients.

“A number of our clients deal specifically with one or other Ince division, and so are not fully aware of the total offering which is the Ince corporate communications solution,” says Alban Atkinson, MD of Ince. “We offer clients an integrated, full-service offering for all their marketing needs – a real one-stop solution which delivers benefits in terms of value, consistency, confidentiality and sheer ease of doing business.”