Introducing InceLink

Ince has been the market leader for almost a decade in providing virtual data room solutions.

We have facilitated over 1100 VDRs in that time, with over 200 of those in 2014 alone.

This, combined with 40 years experience in Corporate Action Communications sets Ince apart from the rest.


iCollaborate and iEdit is a platform housed on Sharepoint that allows a working group to be established in a secure environment and where each member has defined access to specific functionality within the platform. This tool provides a simple and secure means through which all role players involved in producing and editing content can collaborate thereby reducing lead time and minimising errors.

iCollaborate and iEdit utilise Microsoft Word and Excel as the means to create content. This ensures standardisation of the content and simplifies the process.

Using iEdit content can be taken directly from iCollaborate to populate print and web documents. As updates or changes are made, the print and web versions are automatically updated. While print and web designs are managed by us, you control your content.