Does sustainability make you feel Green?

Carel Mulder – Ince Strategy Director Why is it that so many companies still think that when reporting on sustainability they are compelled to provide elaborate feedback on the natural environment and their business’ impact on this? And with it then print hundreds of copies of an extensive sustainability report. Is anybody else spotting the […]

Ince starts their campaign on Givengain!

Ince put the charities on GivenGain up for nomination to our employees. Our highest voted initiative was CANSA. We now move forward with our attempt to raise as much as we can, in aid of this cause. Please visit the following link if you wish to make a donation:

Ux – User Experience – The “Digital Buzz Word” … So what does it mean?

By: Nicci Gates Strategy – Digital Wikipedia defines it as “ …  involves a person’s behaviors, attitudes, and emotions about using a particular product, system or service. User experience includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership. Additionally, it includes a person’s perceptions of system aspects such as […]

Search Engine Optimisation, what you really need to do

By: Roger Bloom Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a clean, succinct phrase that marketers and sales people bandy about. The truth is the whole process can be extremely messy, time consuming and frustrating.  The industry that has blossomed under the veil of SEO is testament to the fact that not just anyone can do it, […]

Go Drink Your Customers Coffee…

By Graeme Futter New Business Development Manager As a “newbie” salesman 25 odd years ago in a coastal city situated 589,3km from Johannesburg, my life “on the road” began. The untold truths of a salesman were never truly explained to me or should I rather say the perceived glamor of a sales reps lifestyle was […]

The power of relationships – deeper due diligence

Remember that part of your due diligence on your client relationships is to make sure that what you deliver is a good fit on the promises you have made. You cannot be everything to everyone, and if you try to be, you will not only look bad, it will affect your bottom line. Due diligence […]

Unlocking the value of the focused communication opportunity in the social media space

In the maze of social media options we at Ince are consistently being asked: “Which channel is the best one for my brand?” Our stock response is: “All of them”. This response is generally not well received and almost always results in the client saying: “Well then it’s not for me! ”Why is our initial […]

Getting in on the Act

A shareholder’s right to participate in the Annual General Meeting and to vote on other corporate actions has always been well entrenched but the paper proxy process and the traditional land mail system have not always made exercising this right easy. Although Ince’s on-line proxy voting system has been on the market for more than […]

Integrated Innovation

Through the 1:1 Relationship Marketing team in the Western Cape, Ince pitched a concept to SARU of creating a unique branding messaging platform. According to Jason Sandell, “SARU needed a unique way to give something back to their supporters. We came up with the idea of creating a personalised video showcasing a fan interaction with […]

Build customer loyalty by focusing on the individual

The essence of loyalty is one of commitment and, in my view, product extension. Building a programme which brings customers into your store and gets them to maximise their total spend with you, has to be the goal.